Siobhan, of Sandbox Education, was a massive help throughout the Young Rewired State week where she helped us on the design and architecture of our project.

With her help we managed for our project to become runner up in the Best example of Code category at the National 2013 Festival of Code in Birmingham.

Young Rewired State
National Finalists

Sandbox Education partnered with Exa Networks to mentor youngsters from the West Yorkshire, England to the national final of the YRS Festival of Code.

The Events In team built a web application in Ruby that fetched event data by post code to a user’s mobile.

The are well on road to sucessful careers in Computer Science!

YRS Presentation


Working with Open Data

At the start of week the youngsters meet each other and the mentors team for the first time.

They watch a video about Young Rewired State presented by Emma Mulqueeny.

They work in pairs to explore open data APIs and start to generate ideas for an application that uses open data.

We offer hands-on support.

Code in the Cloud

One team of 13-17 years olds decides to build an application to consume open data via the Events In API

They code in Ruby using the Sinatra framework.

The web app allows you to enter a location and specify a date and find various types of events matching these options. The app is usable on the phone and includes a SMS service.

The Custard Factory

YRS Teams from all over the UK converge at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, England.

Over the weekend the team takes part in a series of ‘show and tell’ session where they demonstrate their app live and explain how and why the built it.

The team successfully reach the national final in the category Best Use of Code!

For more information read the article Siobhan the Found of Sandbox Education wrote for the Naace professional association journal.