Sparks Hack
Music Tech Fest
Umea, Sweden

Sandbox Education ran a hack with twenty eight 7-18 years!

The youngsters prototyping digital instruments with tangible interfaces

Tinkerkit Workshop

Assemble the Hardware

Hackers explored one of our prototypes: Notes and Scales, Digital Drum Kit, Illumiphone, Frequency Modulator and Sound Scratcher.

Then they used an Arduino Uno, Tinkerkit shield and sensors to craft their own unique instrument with a tangible interface .

Install the Software

The hackers followed our step by step to install the Arduino and Processing IDEs Libraries and upload the Sketches to the Arduino.

We were on hand to help out if needed!

We wrote the code to programme the Arduino to activate sounds when the sensors are moved or touched or exposed to light.

Hack the Code

The Processing sketches were as aways carefully commented to show how the code worked.

The hackers with a bit of help and guidance were able work out how to ‘computationally’ alter the sound their instruments.

Interactive Pictures Workshop

Assemble the Hardware

Hackers prototyped ‘capacitive touch, distance sensing, MP3 playing, musical instruments with the Bare Conductive Touch board and Conductive Paint.

Install the Software

The hackers were helped out by our step by step hands-on instructions h pre-programmed audio guide on the Touch board.

They tested out the Touch Board pre-programmed code and the renamed chosen mp3 files and uploaded to the board.