Raspberry Pi
IEC, Manchester

Sandbox Education was invited by Alan O’ Donahue, the founder of the Pi Jams movement, to run a Raspberry Pi Mastery workshop for UK teachers at the 2014 National Raspberry Pi Jamboree.

The Jamboree took place during at the Education and Innovation Conference, Manchester, England.

Raspberry Pi Mastery Workshop

Design the Workshop

We decided to run a workshop where the languages of the web were deployed to recreate real works of Art created by traditional artists.

We selected the artworks of leading artists Ellesworth Kelly and Damien Hurst to make with code.

Creating the code

We wrote code to recreate the art works Squares by Ellesworth Kelly and Dots by Damien Hurst.

We used HTML5 + Canvas which is a web tool for drawing images in a web browser.

Classroom of the Future

We ran the workshop at the Education and Innovation conference in Manchester in the ‘ classroom of the future stand’ which came equipped with Raspberry Pi stations.

We gave Teachers SD cards with code installed on Coder a web development environment designed to run the Raspberry Pi web server created by Google.

The Workshop

We talked the teachers through how to run the code installed on Coder and work with the web development environment to hack the code and create their own art works based on the artist works.