Sandbox Education provided a very engaging and hands on workshop at the Raspberry Jam at Queen Ethelburga’s in York, Excellent service provider

Raspberry Jam
Queen Ethelburga’s School
York, England

Sandbox Education ran the first Raspberry at Queen Ethelburgas College in North Yorkshire.

Youngsters and their parents took part in hands -on workshops which ran three times throughout the day.

Everyone set up the Raspberry Pi Computer and installed the operating system from scratch and went on to programme sequences of traffic lights in either Scratch and Python.

Raspberry Jam

Set up the Raspberry Pi

Step by Step instructions provided all the coders with clear guidance on how to step up the Raspberry Pi Computers and install the Operating System Noobs.

Noob stand for New Out of the Box and is the standard OS designed for use by beginners to the use of the Raspberry Pi.

Code in Scratch

The youngest coders and their parents used the visual programming language Scratch.

They dragged and drops code blocks to re-create the sequence of instructions to code Pi Stop mini traffic lights what plug into the GPIO or general purpose input and out ports on the Raspberry Pi.

Code In Python

More experienced coders wrote code in Python and ran the code in IDLE the pre-installed integrated development environment running on Pi.

Hack the Code

Once the basic sequence of traffic lights had been worked out and programmed coders when on to create new sequences by hacking the exisiting code.