Sparks Hack
Music tech fest
Berlin 2016

A unique music technology and computing event where teens invented capacitive touch sensitive musical instruments.

The Sparks worked hands-on with open source hardware and software and with original code written for the event.

They learned physical computing and music skills and showcase their creations on the main festival stage.

Warbling Jellies Workshop

Assemble the Hardware

The hackers designed and assembled music tech instruments with a tangible interface made from Jelly.

They drew inspiration from our prototype called Warbling Jellies powered by capitative sensing technology that connected to the physical world via jelly touch sensitive sensors.

They then went on create their own unique instrument with Ardunio, electronic resistors and wires.

Install the software

They installed Arduino and Processing Development Software and Specially written code which we named ‘Warble’.

They verified and uploaded the Warble sketches to Arduino micro-controllers turning the jellies touch sensitive interfaces.

They calibrated the sensors by activating the built in proximity detecting functions written into the Warble code.

Hacked the instruments

The brilliant Sparks hacked their musical creations (with a bit of help and guidance) using the comments written in the code change to vary the sound outputs

They created a musical performance with their brand new jelly-ed contraptions on the main MTF Stage which they called JJ short for Jelly Jays.