Youth Hack
Music Tech Fest

Sandbox Education lead a unique hack event for children aged 7-11 year at the International Music Tech Fest, Funkhaus in Berlin, Germany on Sun 29 May.

We were joined by one of our partners,  Alexandra Antonopoulou of Goldsmith College.

The participants invented their own ‘Hybrid Animal’ on paper and wired it up into a capacitive musical instrument!

They learned physical computing and music skills and performed live on the Music Tech Festival stage.

Hybrid Creatures Workshop


The young hackers designed their own Hybrid Creature building up collages from of images of animals and technology artefacts.

Then thought about how the different parts of their creature worked together and went on to chose a unique name for their new amazing creature.

Making the Instrument

It was a family event as parent and young hackers worked though step by step hands-on instructions alongside our team of mentors who were on hand to help out.

The young hackers explored and selected mp3 sound files for their animal. They renamed the files and uploaded them to the Touch board.

Connecting the electrodes on the board with crocodile clips to conductive paint stickers on their artwork they brought their hybrid creatures to life!

Live Performance at MTF

A group of very confident young hackers took part in a show and tell on main festival stage.

They each explained how they made their hybrid creature and demonstrated how it worked to the entire festival audience.

Ben Heck Show

Ben Heck Team and Film Crew, from the USA came along to interview us and the brilliant young hackers!